The United Kingdom or UK as a nation which comprises of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it is otherwise called Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom alludes to a political joining between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Despite the fact that the UK is a completely autonomous sovereign country, the four countries that make it up are likewise nations in their own privileges and have a certain self-rule.

The UK has economy, contributing almost three quarter of GDP with services sector. Financial services to a noteworthy extent of this because of London is a significant center in the worldwide economy. The UK is the world’s driving exporter of monetary services. The population of UK in 2018 is 66.44 Million people.

Major Exports of United Kingdom are as follows

* Business and Professional services (Business Management, Legal, Advertising, market research etc)
* Telecommunication and Computer Services
* Finance
* Intellectual property(Copy Rights, Patents, Franchise/Brands etc.)
Major UK Export Goods of the United Kingdom are:

* Cars, Aircraft Engines, Vehicle Parts etc.
* Crude Petroleum
* Refined Petroleum
* Machines (Turbines, Engines etc.)
* Pharmaceuticals

UK succeeded components that issues are the measure of capital and foundation in relation to the populace, the degree of education, the nation access to different markets, the ability to pull in outside venture, how politically stable the nation is ,and the unwavering quality of the currency. UK earned $505 billion from sending out merchandise and $337 billion from trading services in 2014, making it the tenth biggest exporter of products and second biggest exporter of services. The UK’s top exports are mechanical machinery (14%), cars(10%) electrical machinery (8%) medicinal / pharmaceutical products (8%) crude
oil(6%) aircraft (5%)other various assembling (5%),scientific/photographic(4%) and refined oil (3%).
Gross domestic product by Sector :Agriculture 0.6%, Construction 6.4%, Production 14.6%, Services 78.4%. The services overwhelms the UK economy contributing around 78% of GDP. The financial industry is especially significant, and London is the world’s biggest hub of the financial services provider.

Type of visas

1.Visit Visas
2.Studenr Visas
3.Optional premium services outside the UK
4.Optional premium services in the UK
5.Discretionary services at the border
6.Aplication made in the UK
7.Poins Based System -Application made in the UK
8.Points Based System- Sponsorship

1. Student-Tier4 (General) Student Visa

A student who is 16 years of age or over who have been offered a spot in a course at an UK University or College be able to apply for the visa three months before the beginning of the course. In order to be qualified for a tier 4 visa ,the student should have an unconditional offer of a spot on a course with an authorized tier 4 sponsor. The student should have the English language skills to talk ,read, write and should have sufficient money to help himself and pay for the course.

2.Tier 4(Child) Student visa

Student aged between four ( 4 ) and Seventeen (17 ) who have been offered a place in a course at a UK University or college with a licensed tier 4 Sponsor, such as an independent fee-paying college or university. Such a student is able to apply for the visa three months before the start of the course.

3. Short-Term Study Visa

A student who is offered a spot in a momentary course in the UK, similar to an English language course or training course are able to apply for the visa three months prior to the date of arriving in the UK

TOP UK Universities

1. University of Oxford
2. University of Cambridge
3. Imperial College London
4. UCL
5. London School of Economics and Political Science
6. University of Edinburgh
7. King’s College London
8. University of Manchester
9 .University of Warwick
10. University of Bristol
11. University of Glasgow
12. Queen Mary University of London
13. University of Birmingham
14. University of Sheffield
15. University of Southampton
16. University of York
17. Durham University
18. Lancaster University
19. University of Exeter
20. University of Essex
21. University of Sussex
22. University of Nottingham
23. University of Leeds
24. University of Liverpool
25. University of Leicester etc.

Each University is unique and every University has a somewhat extraordinary procedure for its students. The significant thing you should do is to research which college or university you wish to apply to, and what course you plan to follow. You research in the University sites and peruse through the courses you are keen on. It is critical to ensure that whichever course you do choose gives you attributes that are relevant to your home organization. Contingent upon which course you decide to consider .you may have a couple of additional application necessities. In any case ,each student applying to a UK University from Sri Lanka requires to pass the suitable assessment test.

Dates and Deadlines:

Years of the course of study will in general run from September to June, yet can fluctuate contingent upon which University you intend to join in. Cutoff times for application are ordinarily in the mid year preceding the semester in which you intend to join in. As a global student ,you will require a visa, so you should plan to start your application procedure as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances. Some Universities permit students to start their application procedure as right on time as one year preceding the semester they wish to start, October is normally a month to start the application procedure. An ambitious start on your application procedure will give you a lot of time to ensure you get all that you need.
UK School Application Method :

Together with supporting documents, an application to be submitted to the University or College such as educational and work experience certificates. Sometimes that the student is qualified to the College or University will receive an offer letter with conditions or without condition. In the event a Student get an Unconditional Offer letter the student must pay down payment and it is unique in relation to every College or University. Some universities may demand one year education costs or one semester charges. The installment strategy may distinctive as indicated in each of universities.

In the wake of making initial installment the school or University will give a CAS letter. This archives important to apply for the study visa. The CAS letter contain CAS number, student name, visa number of the Passport, school or University name, support permit number, name of tech course, span of the course, education costs etc.

As indicated by the tier4 Student visa the student should fulfill the budgetary criteria. The tier4 all out 40 marks and 30 marks for the CAS letter and 10 marks for monetary prerequisites are granted.

UK-CAS Letter:
CAS is an electronic record given to you by the University or college that you have decided to learn at. Your CAS will be legitimate for understudy visa application for a half year from the date of issue. Your establishment likewise send a novel reference number that will coordinate with your CAS. You should make reference to this reference number on the tier4 visa application structure. In the event that there are any irregularities between the data utilized by the college to make the CAS and the data you gave on your application structure then your visa application can be rejected.

The CAS Letter gives you the following information

1. 14 Digit Reference Number for the CAS
2. Sponsor License Number (SLN) of the University or College
3. Start & End date of your course
4. Title of the Course
5. Tuition fees for the 1st year or the entire course
6. Any tuition fees that you have already paid to the College/University
7. Any accommodation fees that you have already paid
8. Assessment of your English language ability(IELTS/TOEFL Score)

The Financial Requirements(Bank Balance) Information are Explained in below

The cash can be in your parents or your bank account with anybody with your name in the record. You can likewise show a joined account with both your parents name (a letter should deliver that you are their son or daughter and they agree to utilizing their assets in the UK for your education, your introduction to the world authentication with your name and your parent(s)’ name (with a translation if not in English)financial proof from anybody other than you or your parents won’t be acknowledged by the home office. The main exemptions is sometimes that you have gotten officials budgetary sponsorship for your full charges and living expenses from a perceived support. Individual bank statement ,building society pass books ,letter from bank are acknowledged by home office.

The home office will just acknowledge proof from certain money related associations in Sri Lanka, India, Cameroon , Ghana, Iran, Pakistan and Philippines(please check reference section P on the GOV.UK site) for accepted banks(the page appended underneath)

In the event your cash isn’t in pounds sterling ,you should change over the assets into pounds sterling to guarantee that the end balance meets the basic level required utilizing the OANDA money converter.

In the event you are giving a bank explanation ,a letter from the bank ,or an endorsement of store .in the event that you are utilizing any of the other satisfactory reports recorded above(please see the house office’s level 4 approach direction – below)

If any of your records are not in English. there are explicit necessities for translations if you need anything translated, you go through the prerequisites carefully(check translations rules)

Bank and Fiscal Summaries:

Bank statements ,Bank or building society records must cover a 28-day time span closing in 31 days before the date of your application and should have:

Your name or your parent’s name

The account number

The Statement date

The money related organization’s name and logo

The Money available

In the event you are utilizing a Joint Account you should have your name ,or your parents joint account both of their names on the bank statement . In the event you are giving an electronic bank statement of online account, there ought to be a supporting letter from the bank on letter head, affirming the genuineness of the statement given.

Letter from the Bank:

A letter from the bank must affirm money covering a 28 – day time span ending 31 days before the date of your application .It should express that there is sufficient cash in the account to cover your course expenses and living expenses and incorporate the following information:

* The account number
* Your name or your parent’s name
* The date of the letter
* The financial institution’s name and logo
* The money available

The required money in the account for at least 28 days up to the date of the letter.

Deposit Certificate:

This is a certificate given by a bank to affirm that you or your parent have saved a particular amount of money. Parents have deposited the specific amount of money. Certificate will be accepted if the following information is given.

That the certificate was given not more than 31 days, before your date of application (the date you pay the online visa application fee)and-

That 28 days have elapsed by between the date of the issue and the date of issue of the certificate.

The following information also included in the deposit certificate:

The account number

Banking institution’s name and logo

The money available

Note that you should give the monetary proof you intend to use for the tier 4 visa office at the college before your CAS can be given. This is with the objective that the tier 4 group can watch that, as far as they could possibly know, your money related proof shows the right assets for the 28 day time frame and is in the right organization. When you have sent via e-mail copies of right budgetary proof and this has been checked, your CAS will be given. You will be given additional data about what you have to do when you have acknowledged your place at the University. You are not required to send scanned documents to the University in the event that you are a national of a country if differentiation understanding.

Some applications are not required to pay a CAS deposit (check global student deposit page.) .
The calculation of fund is not complicated, for example if the University one year fee is GBP 12000 and already paid GBP 5000 and the balance is 7000 GBP. The living expenses is per month GBP1265 and for 9 month is GBP 11385.

You should have GBP 7000+11385 in your record or your parent’s account for your education costs notwithstanding the assets for your living expenses.
You will need GBP 1015 per month for living costs if you are studying outside London.

The home office will utilize your CAS to affirm how much cash you requirement for your course expenses. It is significant that you check the data on your CAS completely before you make your visa application. You should watch that your CAS expresses your all out charge sum and any expenses paid, accurately. In the event that there is a disparity on your CAS, you should email tier4visas@westminister.ac.uk, anyway your University or college will assist you with solving the issues in CAS letters.

Living Expenses :

You should have enough cash to help, yourself while you are studying in the UK. You should show GBP 1265 for every month, or part month, of your course for a limit of nine months, the most extreme sum your requirement for your living expenses is GBP 11385.

The home office have set a fixed sum for the living cost prerequisite, regardless of whether you expect to live with family in the UK or if you have covered your accommodation in full or in part by now.

In the event that you are applying for the doctorate extension scheme or as an Student association sabbatical official, you need to show living expenses for two months.

In the event that you are going to study on a 3-year undergraduate course, you should show GBP 11385(1265*9 months)for your living expenses.

In the event that you are present student and you have to extend your visa, and you have 3 months from your course ,you should show GBP 3795(1265*3) for your living expenses.

Example for absolute upkeep:

In the event that you are studying on a 1 – year Master’s course ,your education costs is GBP 14500 and you have paid your GBP 4000, in addition you have to pay an extra GBP 2000 towards your charges.

You should show GBP 8500(14500-4000-2000)for your education costs and GBP 11385 (1265*9 months)for your living expenses. The complete support sum you are required to show is GBP 19,885(8500+11385).

28 Day Rule:

Any cash you use for support (course expenses and living costs)must be in your account or your parent(s)’account for a sequential time of 28 days(finishing on the date of the end balance).during the 28-day time frame this cash can’t dip under the necessary sum for even 1 day or you won’t meet the home office prerequisites and your application will be rejected.

Your bank statement must be not more than to 31 days old on the date you present your visa application, this is the date that you pay the online visa charge.

Accommodation : In the event you have settled up to GBP 1265 for a room in University in one of the residences(these include: harrow, Marylebone street and Alexander Fleming)and this is affirmed in your CAS, you can deduct a limit of GBP 1265 (even if you have paid more)from the amount you have to show for your support. Cash paid to private proprietors or to other homes which are not claimed by the University of Westminster won’t decrease the upkeep sum you have to show.

In the event that you are applying for a tier 4 (general)student visa you should have enough cash to pay for your course expenses and living costs, known as the support prerequisite. You are required to submit monetary documents to show that you meet the support necessity.

Your budgetary documents must meet the particular tier 4 prerequisites to prevent a visa refusal. You should have the right measure of assets for the necessary time frame before you present your online visa application structure. The tier 4 approach direction gives point by point data on the prerequisites for supporting documents.

The Money Need:

Course/Tuition Fees:

You should have adequate cash to pay for the course charges for the first year of your course. In the event that your course is short of what one year long, you are required to have the assets for your whole course expenses. Your charge sum will be affirmed on your affirmation of acknowledgment of studies (CAS).

You will generally require to pay a deposit of GBP 4000 towards your education costs so as to be given with a CAS. You can deduct this GBP 4000 or more any additional charges you have paid towards your educational cost fees(if applicable)from the aggregate sum you have to show for your expenses. Any installments you have made towards your course expenses must be shown on your CAS.

Reduced Level of Required Maintenance Funds:

You only need to show evidence that you have funds for your living costs for a maximum of 2 months(GBP 2030)if you are applying for:

*Tier4 doctorate extension scheme (including those applying to be your dependents)

*Tier4 leave as a student union sabbatical officer

*Tier4 leave as a postgraduate doctor or dentist on a recognized foundation program

You have to show that you have money for your living costs for each month of your course, up to a maximum of 9 months in all other circumstances.

Note : There used to be a provision called ‘established presence’ where students need to apply for further tier 4 leave only had to show 2 months living expenses(given that they met other conditions).This provision is no longer available (From November 2015)

In the event you are given money to cover some or all of your course fees and or living expenses, evidence of this financial sponsorship can be used in your tier 4 applications as evidence of the money available.

Official financial sponsorship should come from UK government, your country government ,the British council or an international Organization, or University or College of UK.

In the event your financial sponsorship only covers part of your course fees and living costs, you have to show that you have the balance money required when you submit your visa application days to update your CAS. If necessary contact student finance, and request them to update the CAS without delay. The other option is you can submit /upload official receipts as proof of your payment.

In the event you are receiving financial sponsorship for your studies from a third party that is not the university of Warwick, you will require to provide a financial sponsorship letter.

You need to show that the whole amount is available when you submit your tier 4 visa application even if you intend to pay your fees by installments.

In the event you are continuing student, continuing on the same course ,returning from withdrawal, transferring to a new course etc.

Your CAS will show the amount of fees you require to pay for the existing academic year. In the event you request a CAS before the end of university term 1 or the amount of fees you require to pay for the next academic year if you request a CAS after the end of university term 1 in the event you will continue your studies in the next academic year. In the event you are uncertain, check student finance table (enclosed herewith.

In the event you make a visa application from outside of the UK, your CAS will be sent to you by email and it will show the amount of course fees you require to be made.

In the event you make a visa application from within the UK, you will generally meet with an adviser who will verify the amount of course fees you require to pay during the meeting.

In the event you are granted a period of academic extension, or for PhD students once you have paid the first 3 years of course fees in full there are no usually any course fees due.

In the event you are receiving financial sponsorship for your studies from a third party that is not the university of Warwick, you have to to give a financial sponsorship letter.

You will be able to pay after you receive your CAS and before you make your tier 4 visa application. There are different ways of making payment as an offer -holder and so please check the method of payment page enclosed herewith. The fastest way is by credit or debit card using the automated on line.

In the event you make payment after you receive your CAS however, before you make tier 4 visa application, make certain that you have received affirmation from the student finance office that your CAS has been updated prior to submit your tier 4 visa application.

Family(dependents)-find out spouse and parents dependents policy in tier 4 visa application what is the home office etc.

Further documents may also be needed in the event you are;

If you are not a citizen of the country you are applying from;

Under the age of 18 years;

You are have family dependents

If you are applying for your visa online:

Through the British government’s official Gov.UK website you must apply for your student visa application online;

You are able to apply up to three months prior to your date of travel to the UK . The date your application fee is paid which is your application date.

English Language Requirements:

When you apply for your visa, you have to give evidence of your English knowledge. It is passing a secure English language examination.

In reading ,writing ,listening and speaking according UK visa immigration(UKVI) have minimum English language requirements. It is different English language requirements your university or school (sponsor)may be having.

As part of the visa application process by a UK Visa officer may interviewee you. Regardless of your English language results if you are unable to have a simple conversation without an interpreter, your visa may be rejected.

UK Visa and Immigration(UKVI)
UK visa and immigration is a division of the home office responsible for the united kingdom’s visa system. Formed in 2013 from the section of the UK Border Agency.

Biometrics residence permit: You have to obtain a biometric residence permit(BRP) from UKVI as part of your application. You require get an appointment from UKVI to have your fingers and thumbs scanned and a digital photo taken of your face.

IELTS Requirements-Universities

University Foundation 4.5(4.0 + in all skills)
Bachelor’s Degree 6.5(6.0+ in all skills)
Pre-Master’s 5.0(5.0+ in all skills)
Masters Degree 6.5(6.0 + in all skills)

The IELTS requirement policy may different for each Universities and Colleges

Diploma programs: 5.5
Degree programs: 6.0
Post graduate programs: 6.5-7.0

University Application Methods


From international students accept direct applications by most of UK universities. Student can apply to Universities as well as Colleges. However, criteria and IELTS requirements may advanced than UK colleges. Students can request to pay half year tuition fees to ISSUE CAS letter. The tuition fees also higher than colleges. UK universities qualification are accepted all over the world.


Meaning of UCAS for universities and colleges admissions service. It is the centralized service students use in order to apply for universities. Mostly, everyone who wants to study an undergraduate degree in the UK will have to apply through UCAS. Applications for most universities or colleges are made via UCAS . However, you should know the relevant deadline-for some courses. Major universities expect applications only through UCAS.

Filling the CAS application:

There are 7 sections on the application:

1. Personal Details
2. Additional Information (For UK applicants only)
3. Student finance arrangements (UK applicants only)
4 .Course (Up to five courses)
5. Education up to now
6. Employment history
7. Personal statement and reference

The application fee is GBP 20 for one course or GBP 25 for several courses
1. Online Application- information from Video – should give only information and we are not represent embassy or VFS global

2. Paper Application
UK Visit Visas
1. Family visit visa
2. General visit visa
3. Child visit visa
4. Business visit visa ,including visas for academics and doctors.

You are able to apply for a standard visit visa in the event you want to visit the UK for business purposes, Example:

* Your visit to the UK for a conference ,meeting or training
* Your visit to take part in a c sports event
* You visit as an artist, entertainer or musician and coming to UK to perform your artistic talents.
* You are an academic and are researching or accompanying students on a study tour.
* You are a doctor and are visiting to the UK to take a clinical or observer post.
* you want to take the professional and linguistic assessment board (PLAB) test or sit the objective structured clinical test (OSCE)
* You want funding to commence ,take over ,join or run a business in the UK

5. Sports visit visa
6. Entertainer visit visa
7. Prospective entrepreneur visa
8. Private medical treatment visit visa

UK Citizenship Requirements

1. You have been resident in the UK for at least 5 years prior to the date of application.
2. You are able to communicate effectively in the English language and have acquaintance of living in UK
3. You have not spent more than 90 days outside the UK during the 12-month period prior to application
4. You have not spent more than 450 days outside the UK during the 5-year qualified period
5. At least 18 years of age
6. You are of excellent character’ and not have been in breach of immigration rules.

You have to make certain the above facts are correct.

UK Citizenship Based on Marriage to a British Citizen:

You must prove that :

1. You have been resident in the UK for at least 3 years
2 At the time of application you hold indefinite leave to remain(ILR) status.
3. You are able to communicate effectively in the English language and have knowledge of living in the UK
4. You have not spent more than 270 days outside the UK during the qualifying period.
5. During the 12 months you have not spent more than 90 days outside the UK before submission of the application.
6. You have not have been in breach of immigration rules.

You have to make certain the above facts are pertinent to Sri Lankans.

UK Points Based System-Work Permits and UK Visas

As the name suggests the UK points based system is, a points-based method of qualifying for UK work permits and visas. The system is categorized into five separate tiers:
1.Tier 1 visa highly skilled migrants for innovators, entrepreneurs, highly skilled individuals and post-graduates in the UK, replacing the international graduates scheme, innovator visa ,entrepreneur visa and highly skilled migrant program.

2.Tier 2 Work permit for skilled workers, for those with a suitable job offer, such as nurses, engineers ,teachers, etc.

3.Tier 3 Low skilled workers for labor shortages.

4.Tier 4 Student Visa for international students who wish to study at a recognized UK educational institutions.

5.Tier 5 Visa youth mobility (working holidays) youth mobility and temporary workers such as working holiday makers or musicians.

You have to make certain the above categories are pertinent to Sri Lankans.

Reasons for Visa Rejection:

1.Mistakes in the application form
2.Supportive documents not submitted
3.Non-disclsure of previous issues
4.Failure to meet financial requirements
5.Documents not in proper format
6.Correct documents not provided
7.Producing false/forge documents
8.Purpose of travel
9.family and social tie in Sri Lanka

Include this after all countries
UK visas & immigration guidance (visa application)-Attached Below

UK Student visa application form-attached below., check list forms etc.(not charging these forms and ,sources from BHC website)

Check all information correct for Sri Lankans and change wording.

The visa fees and other related fees details are as follows(GBP-mark)
& processing time:

1. visit visa

Visit visa -less than 6 month- 95
Visit visa -less than 2 years- 361
Visit visa-less than 5 years 655
Visit visa -less than 10 years 822
Visiting academic -(more than 6
Months but no more than 12 months)- 190

Private medical treatment visa -(more than
6 months but not more than 11 months)- 190
Short term student visa(up to 6 months) 97

Short term student studying English language
(more than 6 months but not more than 11
months) 186

Settlement 1523
Settlement-other dependent relatives 3250
Settlement-refugee dependent relative 388
Indefinite leave to enter the UK as the
dependent of a member of the armed
forces under appendix armed forces
to the immigration rules 2389

Certificate of entitlement (right of abode) 388
Other visa 388
Transit visa (direct airside transit) 35
Transit visit visa(landside transit) 64

Visa for the purpose of joining a ship or
aircraft as a member of the crew of that ship
or aircraft 64

Transfer of conditions(vignette transfer) 154
Representative of an overseas business 610
Cal out/out of hours fee(per hour/part hour) 142
Single-entry visa to replace a biometrics – 154
resident permit(BRP)

Receiving ,preparing and forwarding documents 141
electronic visa waiver 30
Innovator 1021
Start-up 363
Global talent -initial application- 152
Approval letter in respect of an initial application 456
for global talent

Global talent-subsequent application 608
Global talent -dependent 608

2.Points Based System-Application made Outside the UK

Tier 1(Entrepreneur) 1021
Tier 1(Investor) 1623
Tier 1(Exceptional Talent)-Dependents only 608

Tier 1(General) -Dependent 1021

Tier 1(Graduate Entrepreneur) 363

Tier 1 (post-study work)-dependent 604

Tier 2 (general) ,(intra company transfer)-
-long term staff, where a certificate of sponsorship
has been issued for a period of more than 3 years 1220

Tier 2(General),(intra-company transfer)-
Long term staff (sport person &ministry of religion) ,
where a certificate of sponsorship has
been issued for a period of three years or less 610

Tier 2 (intra-company transfer)-graduate trainee- 482

Tier 2 (general)(,intra-company transfer)-long term staff ,
long term staff-where a certificate of
sponsorship has been issued for a period of
more than three years 1220

Tier 2 (general)shortage occupation where
a certificate of sponsorship has been issued
issued for a period of three years or less. 464

Tier 2 (general)shortage occupation where a
a certificate of sponsorship has been issued
for a period of more than three years. 928

Tier 4 348

Tier 5 244

3.Optional premium services outside the UK

Priority visa service-settlement                            573
Priority visa service-non-settlement                   220
Super priority visa service                                     956
User-pay visa application Centre                         55
International contact Centre-email                      5.48
service(per query)
International contact Centre – (per minute        1.37
-Telephone helpline

4.Optional premium service in UK

The provision of an immigration
officer to deliver any premium
service, to a government
department ,relating to entry into
or transit through the united kingdom 57.33

The provision of an immigration officer
to deliver any premium service ,
relating to entry into or transit through
the united kingdom 77.40

Expedited processing -priority service 500

Premium status checks and advice
(administrative officer) per minute 0.80

Premium status checks, advice or
training (executive officer)
(inside office hours) per minute 0.88

Premium status checks or training
(executive officer)(outside office hours)
per minute 1.10

Premium status checks, advice or training
(higher executive officer)(inside office hours)
per minute 0.97

Premium status checks, advice or
training (higher executive officer)
office hours) per minute 1.23

On-demand service (mobile biometric
enrolment)(per hour per representative
of the contractor providing the service)
per minute 650

5.Discretionary Services at the Border

Registered traveler (adult)yearly subscription 50

Registered traveler (child)yearly subscription 24

Registered traveler registration of new documents 20

fast track -other 3.0

6.Application made in the UK

Indefinite leave to remain 2389

Leave to remain -other 1033

Leave to enter for persons in the UK who are liable to
immigration detention 1033

Visitor extension main applicant &
all dependents 993

Transfer of conditions (TOC)
or application for a document confirming
identity and immigration or
nationality status-limited leave to remain 161

Administrative review 80

7.Points Based System-Application Made in the UK

Tier 1 (General)-Dependent 1878

Tier 1(Entrepreneur) 1277

Tier 1 (Investor) 1623

Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) 493

Tier 1 (exceptional talent)-dependents only 608

Tier 2 (General),(intra -company transfer)-
Long term staff,(sport person)
&(minister of religion),where
a certificate of sponsorship
has been issued for
a period of three years or less 704

Tier 2 (intra-company transfer)-
graduate trainee 482

Tier 2 (general)(intra -company transfer)-
long term staff, where a certificate of
sponsorship has been issued
for a period of more than three years 1408

Tier 2(general)shortage occupation where a
certified of sponsorship has been issued
for a period of three years or less 464

Tier 2 (general)shortage occupation where
a certificate of
sponsorship issued for a period of
more than three years 928

Tier 4 475

Tier 5 244

8.Points Based System-Sponsorship

Premium sponsor scheme -Tiers 2& 5(large sponsor) 25000

Premium Sponsor scheme -Tiers 2&5 (large sponsor 6250
for a period of three months (no longer available)

Premium Sponsor Scheme -Tiers 2&5 (small sponsor)
for a period of 3 months(no longer available) 2000

Premium sponsor scheme -Tier 4 8000

Premium change of circumstances 200

Tier 2 large sponsor license (may also include tier 4 1476
and /or tier 5)
Tier 2 Small Sponsor License (may also include Tier 4 536
and /or tier5)

Tier 4 Sponsor License 536

Add Tier2 to an existing tier 4 &/or Tier5 license 940
(large sponsor)
Basic compliance assessment 536

(previously tier 4 sponsor status)
Sponsor action plan 1476

Tier 2 certificate of sponsorship (CoS) 199

Tier 5 certificate of sponsorship(CoS) 21

Tier 4 confirmation of acceptance for study(CAS) 21

In addition to visa fees there are few more expenses:

Health Surcharge

Tier 4 student 3 year program ,age around 20 years ,the Health Surcharge will be around GBP 105 0
This surcharge can be check and get an exact calculation in GOV.UK. select the country and give the relevant information to make the correct calculation.*it for all categories?

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