Switzerland is somewhat smaller than Netherlands. It is a landlocked mountainous country in South Central Europe ,bordered by Austria, France ,Germany ,Italy and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is with an area of 41285 km. Since Switzerland two third of the area is covered with forests ,lakes and mountains and it has no mineral resources as a result it should import ,process and resell them as products. Providing services are the most significant part of the economy such as banking, assurances and tourism. Farming is also an significant fraction of the economy however, the production of the Swiss farmers does not fulfill the requirements of all people, therefore Switzerland must rely on imported goods.

International Students

Switzerland came together to form a confederation during medieval times but it was formally recognized as an independent country in the 17th century. History of Switzerland to be explored in the country’s mountains, valleys, cities. It is located in western Europe Switzerland is small however, full to the brim with stunning sights delicious food, engaging history, and high quality education. It is a main Centre for finance, international relations etc. As an international student you will almost certainly take on with your new education a bit in a different way than you might as a member in a planned study. In the event you are already working towards a degree, consider spending a semester or two as an international student and you can get your degree in Switzerland.

Three official languages of Switzerland are German, French and Italian. Media of language depends on the university. The cost of study in Switzerland is low compared to many other European countries, as the education system here is mostly public funded. On average fees per year can range from 15000 Swiss francs to 40000 Swiss francs. Most universities also offer a wide range of programs in English. Most international students apply for degrees either English, French or German. You are allowed to work for not more than 15 hours per week, as an international student in Switzerland. During the vacation period you may work full-time however, only if you have been living in the country for at least 6 months.

7 Top Universities

1. International University in Geneva.

The international university in Geneva is ranked as one of the top ten business schools in the country. It is one of the best universities in Switzerland. The school’s emphasis on theoretical and practical study. Therefore, you will more than ready for a career in all over the world.

2. Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland

Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland in Lucerne offers programs in Culinary Arts ,Hospitality Management ,and Global Business Management.

3. University of Geneva

The university of Geneva is the second largest Switzerland University established in 1559. Its students benefit greatly from the wealth of international organizations. The university is internationally recognized for both its research and education,.

4. University of Bern:

The University of Bern benefits from being an important cultural and political Centre located in the capital of Switzerland. It is always looking to improve and innovation and places a lot of importance on the issues of gender equality and sustainability.

5. University of Basel:

The University of Basel is Switzerland’s oldest, founded in 1460. Basel is located in the north of Switzerland by the French and German borders, making it a great place in the event you are eager to explore more of Europe during your time in Switzerland.

6. University of Lausanne:

If you are in University of Lausanne meaning you will be in good company and will probably and your time in Switzerland with friends from around the world. One fifth of the university of Lausanne’s students are international students.

7.University of Zurich:

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The university of Zurich is located in one of the world’s major financial hub and reputed as one of the best universities in Switzerland.

Best Business Schools in Switzerland

1. Geneva Business School
2. IMD Business School
3. IMI International Management School
4. Zurich institute of business education
5. Business school Lausanne
6. Geneva business school
7. ETH Zurich

Types of Visa

1. Short Term Visa

A maximum of three months within a period of six months Short stay visa is issued for the duration of the stay in the Schengen area. Applicants who intend to travel to Switzerland for tourism, business, visit etc. are applicable to this Visa.

2. Tourism – Applicants who intends to travel to Switzerland for holiday and seeing the country this visa is applicable. Documents check list enclosed.

3. Business

Applicants require to participate in meeting, conferences ,seminars, trade fairs etc. in Switzerland this Visa is applicable. Check list enclosed.

4. Visit Visa

With an invitation from relatives or friends who are national or residents of Switzerland this visa is f applicable. Check list enclosed.

5. Long Term Visa

This Visa is usually issued to applicants who intend to stay in Switzerland for study purposes, employment, retirement or joining a spouse residing in the Switzerland. This visa enable an applicant to stay in Switzerland more than 90 days.

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