Occupies the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula , which extend some 1100 km(680 miles)from the Asian mainland. This mountainous peninsulas is flanked by the yellow sea to the west, and the sea of Japan to the east. Its southern tip lies on the Korea strait and the east china sea. Officially the republic of Korea(RLK).
Official Language: Korean
Population:52 Million
Area:100,210 km
Capital: Seoul
currency: WON
major cities: Seoul, Busan , Incheon, Daegu
government type: Unitary State, Presidential System, Constitutional republic

International Students:

57.5% foreign students are in Seoul, and according to official statistics ,90% of international students in Korea are self-financing, with around 800 students on scholarships from their home countries, and 3200 on Korean government scholarships. More than 123000 international students studied in south Korean 2017,half from China, and the government has set its sights even higher, with an aim of 200000 international students by 2023.

Top Universities for International Students

2.Seoul national university
3.Yonsei University
4.Korea University
5.Post Tech
6.Hanyang University

Top Business Schools in South Korea

1.Graduate School of Business-Seoul National University
2.SKK graduate school of business(SKK GSB)-Sungkyunkwan University
3.Korea University Business School(KUBS)
4.Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)-KAIST College of Business

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