Romania is a preserved Medieval towns include Sighisoaraand there are many fortified churches and castles, remarkably Clifton Bran Castle, long associated with the Dracula Legend. Romania is a South Eastern European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian mountains. Capital of Romania is Bucharest. It is the site of the Gigantic, communist-era Palatal Parlamentul government building. Romania population is about 19.53 Million. Currency in Romania is LEU.

1. Student visa

Students get their higher education in universities, academies and Institutes, that are accredited and have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from the list of universities possess the license. In Romania the Ministry of Education Research, Youth and Sports govern the quality of educational services. The examinations in one of the Romanian, English, French languages for international students and can apply for instruction in one of these languages and approved by the institute of Romanian language without preparatory year, takes place according to the methodology.

The following students exempted from language test

• In the event you are from the country where the language is officially one of the above.
• In the event your previous studies in the same language with the language of instruction
• In the event you have a certificate of language proficiency
• In the event you can prove that you have studied Romanian language for at least 4 years.
• In the event you do not know the language of study, you must attend the courses of the preparatory year learning Romanian language.

In Romania there are more than 70 Government universities or private universities, all those universities offer a great variety of degree programs in different languages Romanian English, French, German and Hungarian with a supplementary preparatory year for learning Romanian language. Leading research universities to small teaching colleges, the degree program or course choice seems to be unlimited. Students can get their higher education in Universities, academies and Institutes, accredited and have a special license to teach foreign students. Universities in the list of Universities possess the license.

Cheap Universities in Romania

University of Bucharest(UB)
Babes-Bolyai University(UBB)
Luliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Alexandra loan Cuza University(UAIC)
Polytechnic University of Bucharest
West University of Timisoara(UVT)
Medical Schools in Romania:
Timisoara Medical University
Bucharest Medical University
CIuj Medical University
Craiova Medical University
Tirgu-Mures university
Vasile Goldis University

The tuition fees for undergraduate medical studies in Romania vary from 3200 to 5000 Euro for a year. Tuition fees for medicals (postgraduate)in Romania, vary between 3800 to 7000 EURO for a year depending on universities. As an international student study in Romania you do not require a working Permit, as long as you hold a residence permit for studying. Non-EU students are allowed to work 4 hours for a day.

Minimum Tuition Fees in Romania

1. Romania Language Course -1980-2700
2. Techniques, Agronomy, Science, Mathematics -2430-2700
3. Architecture-3150-3500
4. Social Studies, Psychology, Economy-1980-2200
5. Medicine, Dentistry ,Pharmacy ,Veterinary-3200-5000
6. Music and Arts-3780-4200

The Key Medical Universities to Study Medicine in Romania in English

Medical Faculty of Arad University
Medical and Pharmaceutical University carol Davila
Medical and Pharmaceutical University LuIiuHatieganu
Ovidius University in Constanta
University of Oradea

Students can select to study Medicine etcin Romania in English, in French or in Romanian Language. Most of university of medicine and pharmacy in Romania have undergraduate programs in English, French Romanian, postgraduate programs in Romanian and medical preparatory year programs.

University Application in Romania

• Certified copy of High School /Diploma/Graduate Certificates
• Certificate Copy of the Birth Certificate
• Medical Record- Check list
• Copy of Passport
• Application Form etc

Student Accommodation

Student can stay in student accommodation, hostel, private room. Student housing in Romania is cheap the cheapest is to stay in student hostel. Private accommodation is affordable for most of students. Hostel is around 50 Euro for a Month. We can advise this option to international students who want to save money.

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