The Republic of Poland, is a country located in central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions and an area of 312696 square kilometers. Poland has a temperate seasonal climate. Population of Poland is 37.98 Million and capital city is Warsaw. Currency is PLN and official language is Polish while regional language is Kashubian. Poland is surrounded by the Baltic sea, Lithuania, and Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast to the North, Belarus and Ukraine to the east ,Slovakia and the Czech republic to the south and Germany to the West. Poland is a country with a affluent history, a animated culture and courteous people. At present Poland is attracting ever more students from abroad. The country offers world-class education at modest tuition fees and reasonably priced cost of living.


Application method

1. Short stay
2. Long stay
Sri Lanka students should submit student visa applications in Poland embassy in India. Student must present in person and must submit documents according to student visa application check list. Enclosed check list.

International Students – (video coming soon)

It will give you a high quality European degree, recognized all around the world at lower cost in studying in Poland. After you get a student visa it is easy to get part time works as a student you can do part time work 20 hours per week. Poland is among few countries in Europe well known for its education system and the universities and the benefit of study in Poland is as follows,

A. International Recognized Educational System
B. Schengen Visa – Able to travel 26 countries with immigration approval.
C. Reasonable tuition fees and affordable living cost.
D. Extension residence permission-condition applied
E. Safe and peaceful country for international students
F. Part-time work options for international students

Education is free for polish students, the prices of education for international students is still far lower than in many other countries. Poland has private and public universities and offer degrees Bachelor’s Master’s, Doctorate degrees. This means for international students can complete any level of education in Poland, therefore, degrees earned in Poland are internationally reputed. Students who select to study in Poland will have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Leading universities in Poland offer high-quality programs in English medium, Medicine, Engineering ,Humanities, Business and Finance etc. Poland is having over 400 institutions which now offer study programs in English and higher education in Poland has a history dating back nearly 800 years. Poland’s oldest university Jagiellonian in Cracow was founded in 1364 and is the alma mater of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, Pope John Paul 2 ,and two Nobel Laureates. Poland’s major University is the University of Warsaw which was founded in 1816. It has an inspiring list of Alumni, including Israel’s first prime minister David Ben-Gurion. Poland’s higher education system is reputed for its particular technical Institutions. Every year they have educated thousands of specialists in engineering or computer science. Warsaw university of technology and AGH university of science and technology are outstanding in international rankings, and there are many other fine institutions. In the event you are seeking a degree in medicine, medical schools in Poland are known for high quality education. The medical university of Silesia and the medical university of Warsaw among the high ranked.

List of Business Schools

1. Warsaw School of Economic
2. West Pomeranian Business School
3. Warsaw School of Economy
5. SGH Warsaw School of Economics

List of Universities

1. Adam Mickiewicz University Poland(UAM)

Research university in Poland, it traces its origins to 1611,when under the royal charter granted by king Sigismund 3 Vasa.

2. AGH University of Science and Technology

Established in 1919,and was formerly known as the university of mining and metallurgy .it 18 faculties and one school, which will become a faculty in the near future .The university’s curriculum encompasses 59 fields of study, including more than 200 specializations, the language of instructions is English.

3. Gdansk University of Technology(GUT)

Technical University in the Wrzeszcz Borough Gdansk and one of the oldest Universities in Poland. It has nine faculties and with 41 fields of studies and more than 18 thousands undergraduates as well as about 626 doctoral students. Largest technical university in the Pomeranian region and one of the oldest Technical Universities in Poland. The impressive 77 hectare university campus is a harmonic combination of 100-years old buildings .Great emphasis is placed on maintaining high education quality standards -the University holds the prestigious ECTS label .GUT is the first polish university to be a member of the CDIO initiative ,founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology Sweden.

4.Jagiellonian University

Research university in Krakow, Poland, founded in 1364 by Casimir 3 the great ,the Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland.

5. Lodz University of Technology

Created in 1945 and has developed into one of the biggest technical universities in Poland. Originally located in old factory building ,today covering nearly 200000 sq. meters in over 70 separate buildings, the majority of them situated in the main university area.
6. Nicolaus Copernicus University
founded in 1945,it is one of the largest universities in Poland, currently comprising 17 faculties (including 3 medical faculties ).it provides graduate and postgraduate courses for almost 25000 students, offering education in over 100 fields of study and 65 postgraduate courses .The university employ 4039 staff on both to run and Bydgoszcz campuses, over half of whom are academic teachers. NCU Alumni now number around 200000.

7. University of Gdansk

Formed as the result of a merger between the higher economics school in Sopot and the higher pedagogical school in Gdansk ,the university of Gdansk(UG)was officially founded in 1970.it also later included the higher teacher training school and has now become the largest educational establishment in the Pomerania region.

9. Warsaw University of Technology

One of the leading institute of technology in Poland and one of the largest in central Europe. It employs 2453 teaching faculty ,with 357 professors. The student body numbers 36,156 ,mostly full time. There are 19 faculties covering almost all fields of science and technology.

High quality of life available while studying in Poland is attractive academically. Over the past 20 years the country’s economy has grown noticeably. Cost of living is still much lower than western Europe and for international students it is modern, clean and safe and offers all of the social and cultural opportunities available elsewhere as a result many students select Poland as their educational destination.
Tuition Fees and Cost of Living
International students can study at public universities in Poland at an average cost of 2000 Euro for a year for a first degree, while fees for higher degrees and vocational programs average at 3000 Euro for a year. Poland’s cost of living is low. Student dormitory place may cost less than 100 Euro for a month a shared room. According to the lifestyle you desire, you might get on less than 500 Euro for a month depending on the city.
Working part-time you can help pay for your education while you are studying and students have the right to work while studying in Poland. Students who are not nationals of EU member should have a valid residency permit. In Poland the average tuition fees at a university for masters programs are around 3000-4000 Euros per year. Cost of studying masters in Poland stays affordable for the international students be it for the science and engineering and medical. International students in Poland have to pay tuition fees depending on the institution and the course you select. Your fees could be 2000-5000 Euro for a year. This is a big saving compared with the UK and USA. Living costs even in the Centre of Krakow or Warsaw, are also lower than other European countries at generally 280 Euro per week or 1200 PLN, including accommodation. Warsaw is a cheaper place to live than many eastern European cities according to mercer’s cost of living ranking. Students go to Poland to do postgraduate study about 80% of students choosing to do a Master’s or PhD. In the event that is not for you, there are also some options to work in Poland subsequent to graduation. The stay card can be extended and students can study in Poland to allow graduates to continue working in Poland.

Unique Benefits

• Poland has a long academic tradition founding in 14th century Jagiellonian University in Krakow which has popes and kings amongst its alumni to creating the world’s first state ministry for Education

• Medium of Courses in English, French, German and Polish and more than half of Polish people speak English, living in Poland particularly accessible to foreign students.

• Tuition fees are considerably lower than other study destinations ,even for medical school. Check out the fees and scholarship section below.

• Poland’s cities have a vibrant mix of Jewish, German ,Austrian, Czech and other cultures, making it a attractive place to study .They also have typical European features like highly efficient public transport and regular art and food. They even have a festival just for students called Juvenilia, giving students three days off school along with music. Students in Poland often have full timetables and work hard. But polish degrees are also much like the American system and offer the opportunity to study more than one subject.

The Application Process

In order to study in Poland require to ensure they meet the entry requirements for each course they would like to apply. Visit the University’s /College Website then ,they must contact the admissions office at each University or college to send their applications. Usually an admission fee, and you will need to prove your English proficiency, academic grades and a medical certificate ,must also prove your financial status to support your studies.
Polish Language Academy
Polish Language Academy is a private school which is located close to the heart of Wroclaw-the historic market square (Rynek). This was founded in 2009.Why you should select this Academy .
In the event you can speak polish language however, would like to improve your skills.
If you wish to know more about the country of your ancestors
If you anxious of Starting a business in Poland
If you wish to work and live in Poland
If you are a Student ,University teacher, Manager or Translator.
If you want to know Polish Language ,Culture ,Traditions and History.

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