New Zealand island nation in the South pacific sea, the Southwestern most piece of Polynesia. New Zealand is a remote land-one of the last sizable regions appropriate for living to be populated and settled-and lies in excess of 1000 miles (1600 km)southeast of Australia. Its closest neighbor is Australia.

The top vacation spots in New Zealand are as follows;

• Coromandel Peninsula
North island of New Zealand extends 85 km north from the western end of the bay of plenty ,forming a natural barrier to protect the Hauraki Gulf and the firth of Thames in the West from the pacific ocean to the east. it is 40 KM wide at its broadest point.

• Abel Tasman National Park
This is a New Zealand national park located between Golden Bay and Tasman Bay at the North end of the South Island. It is named after Abel Tasman, who in 1642 became the first European explorer to sight New Zealand and who anchored nearby in golden bay.

• Sky Tower (Auckland)

We can view the city from 220 meters high above street level. Panoramic 360 views up to 80 kilometers in every direction. They also arranging education tour to the Tower, your visit includes an educators’ guide with a complete lesson plan and a student’s workbook. sky tower will even provide prizes to give away when you your are all back to colleges. The easiest way to visit the sky tower with your friends is book a car and get dropped off on the Victoria street west forecourt.
• Napier Art Deco
Napier is famous for its Art Deco architecture and visitors from all over the world come to see the city in the Hawke’s Bay Region. This popular tourist city with a unique concentration of 1930s Art Deco architecture ,built after much of the city was razed in the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake .It also one of the most photographed tourist attractions in the country.
• Kaikoura
Kaikoura is a town on the east coast of the south island of New Zealand. It is located on state highway. It is known for its abundant wildlife and its sperm whale population. The Keikoura peninsula walkway winds from the town Centre to lookout points at point keen.

Major Cities:

Auckland is situated in New Zealand’s North island, and is the biggest city. It has the most noteworthy Polynesian populace in the world, and is generally multicultural. Auckland is perceived as significant in the fields of education, trade and arts. There are numerous s attractions, counting the harbor bridge and the sky tower. Auckland was evaluated as one of the most livable urban area.

This city is on the banks of the Waikato river and it is the fourth most populace city in New Zealand. Subsequent to the English invasion, the old major settlement was renamed after Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton, the commander of Army. Hamilton city was initially an agricultural service hub, however, at present it has a diverse economy with education and research playing a significant role and is home to roughly 40,000 higher education students and thousand PhD qualified scientists.


known as the culinary capital of New Zealand, Wellington is famous for its tucked -away bars, quirky cafes, award-winning restaurants and great coffee. Head to Courtenay place or Cuba Street to get amongst the good stuff.


fifth largest city in New Zealand and is home to an estimate 140000 people and counting. The town of Tauranga sits right on the edge of the water and is best known for its warm climate ,harbor, blue skies, and relaxed lifestyle. ‘the place of rest or anchorage’ is the translation of the Maori Native language ‘Tauranga’ and till today it still gives off an atmosphere of a relaxed city. It is 2 hours and minutes ‘ drive south of Auckland.

International Students

New Zealand has a few sorts advanced education Institutions, Universities, schools, private establishments and Polytechnics. There are 8 Universities in New Zealand ,with high quality education. Each of the 8 of these Universities are positioned inside the QS world University ranking in top 500 universities. The most noteworthy is the University of Auckland which is in 82nd spot, trailed by the University of Otego in 151st spot. One extraordinary favorable position to concentrating in New Zealand is the one of a kind wayto deal with education. Students are urged to think as an individual and locate their own answers, which is what number of create novel qualities and thoughts while concentrating in the New Zealand. You can concentrate in New Zealand at all of the customary levels. Undergrad, postgraduate and doctoral (PhD).There are choices to increase explicit capabilities, for example, graduate confirmations and praises. These kinds of study commonly in recent one year. International students have to pay in the range of $22000 and $32000 for a four year education, and somewhere in the range of $26000 and $37000 for a postgraduate course. Nonetheless ,in the event that you pick a course, for example, medication ,designing or veterinary science, your charges are probably going to be higher.

Cost of Studying and Living in New Zealand

Universities and Colleges in New Zealand are allowed to set their own tuition fees. As a result fees will be different depending on your College or University. It is required to pay between $22000 and $32000 for a bachelor’s degree, and between $26000 and $37000 for a postgraduate course. But in the event you choose a course such as medicine, engineering veterinary science, your fees are likely to be high . All PhD students have to pay $6500 to $9000 per year. Scholarships available for international students at all levels, including students wanting to gain a PhD. Cost of living depend on where you choose to live in New Zealand as in most countries, the bigger cities will require large living budget than the smaller cities. It will cost between $15000-$27000 per year. In the event you will be studying in New Zealand for more than one year you will be required to prove that you have at least $15000 to support yourself. In the event you are studying for up to a year, you are required to prove that you have at least $1250 for each month. In the event you have a student visa, you will be able to work up to 20 hours per week and full time out of term. Students completing masters by research of PhD are able to work full time throughout their studies.


The main language in New Zealand is English and sign language(NZSL).TeReo Maori became an official language in 1987. NZSL ,the main language of the deaf community in New Zealand ,became an official language in 2006. Only 3.7% of the population speakMaori. The majority of educational courses are in English language. In the event your native language is not English, you may have to prove that your English is good in order to learn in English medium. In the event you do not, it is ordinary to offer language Course to you.


In the event you will be staying in New Zealand for more than 3 months, you may require to apply for a student visa.

1. Visit visa
2. Work visa
3. Study visa
4. Joint family visa
5. Business & investment visa
6. Residence visa

Study Visa

New Zealand is a financially savvy option in contrast to the UK or Australia. It is a decent choice for Students looking for foreign experience in an English speaking nation. New Zealand is an inviting country offering a warm agreeable condition. New Zealand education is perceived the reputation across the world. The average cost for basic education is much lower when contrasted with different nations which provides advanced education. Generally dependent on the British model, the college learning framework is look into based which guarantees a top notch learning experience. All the establishments are in a great condition to every one of its students. New Zealand invites worldwide students and the social assorted variety is valued by the general public. The colleges and universities of innovation and polytechnics are government supported and center around inquire about based learning and keep up solid connections with the business. In order to ensure the quality of education, government agencies like the New Zealand qualification Authority (NZQA),Ministry of Education, the Tertiary Education Commission and many others are directly involved in the management of the New Zealand education sector. All policy matters pertaining to education are approved by the New Zealand Government.

Tuition fees

Education cost relies upon the kind of capability and college or University you chose. There are numerous high positioning colleges and universities in New Zealand with their own expenses structures. To cover education costs, you will require somewhere in the range of NZ$ 22000 and NZ$ 35000 for a year. Most ordinarily education and courses are less expensive, while subjects, for example, medicine and engineering increasingly high cost. In the event that you wish to learn at postgraduate level, the education costs are commonly higher and the expenses differ contingent upon the program similarly as with most different countries. The average cost for MBA programs are often the most expensive and these programs are around NZ$40000, Undergraduate degree 20500-25000 annually, Postgraduate diploma and degree 19000-29000 annually, MBA 31000-50000 annually and PhD 6500-9000 annually.

Student visa costs:

In the event you need to study in New Zealand, the initial step is to secure a valid study permit and that comes with its own costs approximately NZ$ 270. Refer to the official website for fees.


Living as a resident in campus is a very affordable option, but you need to apply for it separately, and well ahead in time to secure a place. In the event you are unable to find a place, you might have to look for a room on rent, home stay or find an external location. The cost will vary from one city to another. However, most Universities offer campus residence to international students.

Cos of Living

A student’s budget in New Zealand between NZ$20000 TO NZ$25000. You need to keep aside money for your shopping, social activities and urgent situation. When living in a foreign country, it is better to keep a record of your expenses. Then you can have a knowledge about various expenses in New Zealand.

Health Coverage

It is required for students to get a medical insurance prior to the commencement of their courses. Several New Zealand schools and Universities have initiated comprehensive health insurance plans for international students, however, that is applicable as long your course is ongoing and ceases upon completion. The average cost for medical insurance ranges between NZ$200- NZ$ 700 for a year.

New Zealand College and Universities

University of Auckland
public research university in Auckland ,established in 1883 as a constituent college of the University of New Zealand ,the university is perennially ranked as the top academic institution in the country. Total enrollment in 2014 is 41,953,international undergraduate tuition fee 33,688 NZD(2018-19).
AUT University
Auckland university of technology is a university formed on 1st January 2000 when a former technical college was granted university status. total enrolment 27,141nin 2010 ,international tuition and fees 30,660 NZD(2017-18).AUT is now New Zealand’s second largest and fastest growing University .Times higher education also ranked AUT as one f the world’s top 150 young universities ,based on the quality of teaching ,research ,citations ,international outlook and industry income. AUT is one of the world’s top millennial universities ,ranked in the top 30 in the world.
Massey University

Massey University based in Palmerton North, New Zealand ,with significant campuses in Albany and Wellington .Massey is a leader in international student pathways and articulation through undergraduate and postgraduate collaborative arrangements with partner institutions in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The degrees and qualifications are relevant ,reflect current research and meet the needs of the international student community. Massey is characterized by the applied nature of many of its teaching and research programs and by its specific expertise in the fields of Sciences, Food Technology ,Creative Arts ,Social Sciences ,Education and Business.

Victoria University of Wellington

University in Wellington ,established in 1897 by act of parliament ,and was constituent college of New Zealand., total enrolment 21,457(2015).The University is well known for its programmed in law ,the humanities ,and some scientific disciplines ,and offers a broad range of other courses ,entry to all courses at first year is open, and entry to second year in some programmed (e.g. law, Criminology, Creative Writing, Architecture ,Engineering)is restricted.

Toi OhomaiInstitute of Technology:

New Zealand Tertiary education institute with campuses in Rotorua, Tauranga, and other towns in the bay of plenty and south Waikato Regions, Toi Ohomai is the third largest of the 16 ITPs (Institute of Technology and Polytechnics) in New Zealand. This institute provides over 200 courses in different disciplines across 86 delivery sites. In addition to this, the programs offered by this institute have a specialty in various lucrative fields, such as Business ,Tourism, Trades , Arts, forestry ,and Health. This institute is among the largest tertiary providers in the bay of plenty and supports many lucrative research projects across all its campuses .it has established strong partnership with many leading organizations such as TANZ Ecampus and tertiary education partnership.

University of Canterbury

This the New Zealand’s oldest University ,was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College, the first Constituent College of the University of New Zealand., total enrolment 16,253(2017).It has received a 5 -star QS rating for its excellent research and teaching methods, the university is placed in the top 1% of Universities worldwide. The favorite areas of studies are Art and Design, Business and Management, Engineering and Computing, Health Care ,public health and Social Care, Humanities, Law, Policing and Criminal Justice, Media, Marketing, Journalism and Medicine.

University of Otego
Collegiate University based in Dunedin, Otego New Zealand .it score highly for average research quality ,and in 2006 was second in New Zealand only to the University of Auckland in the number of A-Rated academic researchers it employs. Total enrolment in 2018 is 21,108,doctoral students 1388 in 2014.The University of Otego is New Zealand’s top university for educational performance for 6 of the past 8 years.

Wellington Institute of Technologies
Ara Institute of Canterbury
Auckland Institute of Studies
University of Waikato
Eastern Institute of Technology
Otego Polytechnic
Unitec Institute of Technology
Waikato Institute of Technology
Manukau Institute of Technology
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Southern Institute of Technology

student who has completed a qualification however, does not have a employment offer, he or she may be qualified for a graduate job search work visa for a maximum of 01 year.In the event there is an offer of job, he or she can apply for a Visa permanent residency under the skills migration group, an expression of interest (EOI)has to be put forward to immigration where the ability of the potential migrant is judged on a point system basis.

Residence Visa

There are diverse ways to migrate to New Zealand and they are as follows ;

1.New Zealand skilled migration visas
2. New Zealand business migration visas
3. New Zealand family migration visa
4. New Zealand humanitarian visa
5. New Zealand temporary residence visa

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