France is bordered by six countries Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg to the Northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the Southeast and Spain to the Southwest. United Kingdom borders France via the English Channel. It is one of the largest countries in Europe and population of France is 67.2 million people according to the records in 2018. Capital city of France is Paris with a population of 2.2. million people. It is a democratic country and the name is French Republic. French language is the official language of French Republic. Roman Catholic consists of 64% of the population and religion is Christianity. Toulouse, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux are the major cities of France.

Type of Visas

1. Student Visa

There are plenty of well established universities to select from all over the France. You may be interested in going to one of the universities for your course of study depending in on your interest. Students are able to choose a University or college as your knowledge. The learning in France acknowledged globally and a large number of students enter universities and colleges in France every year. Students can check the passage prerequisites which unique in relation to every University and colleges in France. Mostly students study Business, Arts, Information Technology, Hotel Management and so forth in France Universities. With low education costs concentrating in France is increasingly affordable for global students. France is especially a decent decision for those needing to contemplate business related subjects. The nation is a center point for global business and the executives learning and has heaps of business colleges and Universities in the overall rankings.

France attracts thousands of international students from around the World every year. Popularity of France as a Educational destination is that universities have lower tuition fees compared to other Western Countries. In the event you are also willing of studying at colleges and universities in France, you are almost certainly curious to know more about the application process of Universities of France.

Information about France

• Population of France more than 60 million people.
• People of France 85% Roman Catholics.
• Most commonly use two languages of France are French and English.
• Euro is the currency of France

France was once a agricultural country, however, at present things have changed since second world war and now there are many different industries. About one third of the land in France is occupied by orchards and Vineyards. France has a reputation in wine production, Frostier and fishing also rank highly as notable industries in the country. But this varies according to the location of France. Iron and coal, as well as transportation of equipment and machinery production is widespread in France. Furthermore, tourism represents high percentage of France economy.

Every year millions of visitors are arriving in France for seeing the country. Most people arrive to France to experience the beauty of the country, there are many other cities in the country that also offer a delight to those who visit. Arriving in Paris provides the chance to experience so very much. It is said that Paris is the city of attraction, and you can experience romance and love to always be in the air when you are in Paris. Each year and those who choose to visit the country will certainly leave and head back home with a fond memories of France. It is the most visited country in the world.

The application procedure

1. Through online visa application system, you may also apply for your visa track the progress of your application. Non EU/EEA students should apply through this system previously known as CEF and the ‘studying in France procedure’ it is currently known.

2. Submit all supportive documents:

3. Language Requirements. Degrees provided by French universities are taught in French language however, you will find several study courses in English language, predominantly for master and PhD level. The following language tests of proof of language proficiency are accepted by colleges in France.

4. Select the right France university and here are some top French universities you should consider for your study.

Ecole Poly technique
Paris Sciences et Letters Research University
Group -ESA
Montpellier Business School
HEC Paris School of Management
Sorbonne University
Sciences Po Paris
Telecom Paris Tech etc.-

Here are the three Universities that received the ‘excellent’ and ‘very good international student satisfaction awards’ in 2016:

1. University Francois Rabelais -excellent
2. University of Burgundy-Very Good
3. University of Strasbourg-Very Good

Research on universities if you consider studying in France however, they are simply a rough guide, so you should not make your decision simply based on these information.

Points to consider prior to applying to Universities in France:

• Tuition fees start at around 250 EUR per year in Government Universities, and can reach up to 20000 EUR in private Universities.

• You should consider the visa requirements including personnel assets and finance.

• You may select a grand French university, with adequate entertaining activities to help you keep a balance between studying and enjoying your student life.

• Learn even little about French language however, professors and other French students might speak English, you could find places where basic knowledge of French might be very useful.

Twice A Year Application for French Universities Are Available

1. Admission by 1 February and 1 April ( sometimes, after this date on availability )

2. By September 15 Spring admission, and after this date on availability

3. 22nd January to 13th March applications for post Graduate Study

4. From November until January applications for TCF during DAP process
Students of Sri Lanka should apply through VFS GLOBAL FRANCE(www). Students can apply online application and make appointment to submit the document in person to France VFS. Documents should be according to the check list and biometrics also to be given on the date of visa submission. Enclosed herewith student visa check list. Explanation in VIDEO.

The most significant things when you apply for your visa ,one of you require to prove is that you can support yourself during your study. They require you to prove that you have available 615 Euro per month either from an external source, or already in your bank account. Commencing in Autumn 2019, students of other countries will have to pay higher tuition fees. This is a severe change from an effectively free tuition system where students required to pay only around 200 Euros per year. Academic history of excellence, commitment to higher education and an unparalleled linguistic and cultural tradition are some of the reasons international students study in France. This has resulted France has become enduring popularity as a study destination. Depending on your chosen study level tuition fees at Government universities in France have variable Prices.

• The average tuition fees are around 170 Euro per year For Bachelor’s programs
• Around 620 Euro per academic year for Engineering degrees
• The average tuition fees for Medicine studies can reach up to 450 Euro per year

Student Fees

Around 260 Euro per year for a PhD 396 Euro per year Master’s degree. Fees are higher in some colleges and universities. In addition to tuition fees, you will also require to pay a contribution to campus and student life of 91 Euros. Tuition fees at public universities often only apply to students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland. In the event you are a non -EU citizen ,you might have to pay more for your studies. In order to avoid confusion or future problems ,visit the university/study program page and check if tuition costs apply to students from Sri Lanka.

International Tuition Fees:

Average Student Living Cost in France:

Most of all, living cost in France depend on your chosen location, mainly the city you live in. Check the average budget you would need for each large city in France, the overall living costs in France depend on your lifestyle. Paris -between 1200 and 1800 Euro per month (sometimes including the accommodation, if you choose to live in a hostel of the education institute) between 900 and 1400 Euro per month. Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse between 800-1000 Euro per month. In other areas of France, you can manage with smaller amounts minimum 650 Euros.

Student Accommodation

Cost for accommodation are usually above the international average of 200-300 Euro per month, the main housing options for students in France. Hostel average ,200 Euro per month except Paris. Paris at 400 Euro per month. About 13% of international students live in hostels. It is one of the most popular accommodation options among students however, the demand is much higher than the supply. Rent and share an apartment between 400 and 700 Euro per month. 800 Euro per month in Paris. In smaller French cities you can rent a small apartment for approximately 300 Euro per month. In the event you live with your partner and family on rent the price will range from 700 to 1000 Euro per month. You will have to pay higher if you get an apartment in the city. The utility bills Electricity, Water, Internet would be another 200 Euro per month.

Meal Expenses

French food is expensive as well as delicious. Reason behind is that French people truly value each meal and they make it always celebrate what they eat. But food is not costly all over France. In Paris one person can expect to spend on average about 250-300 Euro per month for groceries, or less in the suburbs. In the least expensive restaurant costs between 10 and 15 Euro per meal and in gourmet restaurants menus can be rather expensive. You can have a meal in bistros brassieres and crepe stands anywhere in France. Some bistros serve substantial meals and a crepe can take the place of lunch and prices are from 5 to 8 Euro per meal. You will get the best value if you buy from the supermarkets and the cheapest supermarkets in France are Leclerc , Giant Casino. They are affordable places for having dinner include the Courtepailler restaurant chain, buffalo grill, or inexpensive restaurants in Paris such as Michi.
About 30-75 Euro per month for a pass for the bus, metro or train. Around 1.50 Euro for a kilo meter for a short journey. You can also use the TGV around Euro 30 for a trip to visit other cities in France.
Extra Cost
Depending on the selected insurance cover, Health insurance cost 20-50 Euro per month. Other learning materials 50 Euro for a month. In the event you can purchase an international youth travel card, you can get r discounts to visit other sights.


In the event you are interested in studying in France and you are genuine student subsequently it is always recommended to appear for IELTS and score at least band 6 prior to going for visa interview. Many students face difficulties in proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.


Some Universities offer Scholarships for international students by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the French Embassy in Sri Lanka. Universities offer scholarships to the value of 10000 Euro for an academic year for students who are maximum 30 years of age who meet the criteria of academic excellence at the year of acceptance.


Travel for private or the travel industry reasons doesn’t qualifies you for take part in any business movement except if you are qualified to partake in the working occasion program. The explanation behind your visit or stay may the travel industry and private remain, clinical consideration given by an emergency clinic. in the event that the length of your stay does not surpass 90 days for every time frame, you will be given a short remain uniform Schengen Visa or national visa contingent upon your goal, if the all out term of your stay surpasses 90 days, will be given a long term national visa. The travel industry visa check list enclosed.

Family purpose

In the event you want to visit your family without settling permanently, check the conditions by referring to the tourist and private stay. In the event you like to join a family members staying or having settled in France, the supportive documents and the nature of the visa that you must apply for depend on your nationality, the assessment of your family relationship and the duration and reason for your visit.

• He/she is an EU/EEA National
• He/she is French
• He/she is a foreign national residing in France

Professional purpose

Whether you are self-employed, an employee, your business and the length of your stay engaging in a professional activity in France is subject to different formalities depending on your situation. Certain professions (Doctors Engineers etc.)must meet certain conditions before they can engage in their activity. Links: Business France-The national agency supporting the international development of the French economy – Welcome to France-platform for overseas workers in France.

Permanent Residency(PR) in France:

In the event you are married to a French national for more than three years, you can apply for permanent residence and even if you have not lived in France during your marriage, In the event you have been married for less than three years, after that you can apply after three years of a residence permit. A permanent residence permit you can live permanently in France. These permits are valid for up to ten years and renewable. European Citizens living in France for five years or more, has the right to permanent residence and is not obligated to provide proof of their employment or income. A post -study work permit is better to stay in France for a long time after they complete their studies This permits them extra time to find a permanent residence, pay off student loan debts or enhance their resumes by getting work experience in France.

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