Bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, Finland is a Northern European country. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland which occupies a peninsula and islands in the Baltic Sea surrounding. 18th century sea fortress Suomenlinna is located in Helsinki, the trendy design district. It has diverse museum . A vast wideness with national parks and ski resorts the northern lights can be seen from the country’s arctic Lapland Province. The safest country in the world Finland has been ranked due to extremely low crime rates. It is also worth noting that the Finland people trust in their police. Population is 5.5 million and area is 337030 square km.

Economy of Finland:

GDP -$269.654 Billion(Nominal 2019 Est.)$264.720 billion (PPP,2019 Est.)
43rd (nominal, 2019)60th (PPP, 2019)
$48,869(nominal 2019 Est.)$47,975 (PPP, 2019 Est.)

Other Features of Finland

1.Finland Colleges have consistently stayed at the top of worldwide education rankings and one of the best education systems in the world.

2. Finland has been ranked as the safest country in the world.
3. Finland is the fifth happiest people in the world. In calculating this were the GDP per capita, life expectancy, perceived freedom to make life choices and others. Finland is also a very enviable country for females. It is the second most gender -equal country and the second best place for mothers.
4.Mother’s and children’s well being in Finland are the second -best worldwide, and maternal mortality is the lowest.

International Students

High quality academic studies offer by this country. Student satisfaction is concerned it is a great place for students because Finland ranked high in the field. In the higher education institutions there are 20,000 students from overseas countries studying in several locations around Finland. All Universities and universities of applied sciences have scholarship for international students.

Strong public transport network, and access to affordable childcare services, Finland is a great place to study, work and raise a family with a stable economy. Finland plans to attract international students particularly from Asian countries.

If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you have the right to work in Finland without any work permit or limitation on hours. Outside of the EU/EEA countries with a student residence permit are allowed to work and the working duration is limited to 25 hours for a week.

Two types of higher education institutions in Finland. Universities and universities of applied sciences(UAS),doctoral programs are offered by the universities only. There are 13 Finnish Universities and they are owned by the government and focus lies in scientific research and they offer students a more theoretical education.

Finland Colleges and Universities:

1.University of Helsinki
2.Aalto University Espoo
3.University of Vaasa
4.University of Turku
5.Tampere University Tampere

Every university has their own fees, and they change from course to course. Below is given complied ranges of what some of the largest Finland universities charge from overseas students. It is 6,000 Euro for a year minimum, and up to 18000 maximum.
Aalto university-12000 to 15000 Euro for a year
Abo Akademi University-8000 to 12000 Euro for a year
Arcada University of applied science-6000-9000 Euro for a year
Haaga -Helia-UAS-8500-9500 Euro for a year
Hanken School of Economics-12500- Euro for a year
Helsinki Metropolia UAS-10000-12000- Euro for a year
University of Eastern Finland-8000-15000- Euro for a year
University of Helsinki13000-18000- Euro for a year

List of Universities-Free for International :

1.University of Helsinki
2.University of Jyvaskyla
3.University of Eastern Finland
4.University of Lapland
5.University of Oulu
6.University of Tampere
7.University of Vaasa

In Finland there are many funding opportunities for international students. Scholarships are the most direct ways. Every University in Finland offers scholarships for students from overseas. They are based on academic merits and there is a quota for each degree. Some scholarships offer a complete fee waiver, others may give a deduction of percentage such as 50%.

You can live on a limited student budget even though Finland is not a cheap country. On your life style depends how much money you need for a month and also on the place where you study. Helsinkiis more expensive than smaller cities.
Finland’s culture is rooted in its stark and beautiful natural environment and it is one of the Nordic countries.

In most higher education institutions Finnish language is the medium and the two official languages Finnish and Swedish. Finland is known as one of the top five English speaking countries for non -native fluency and there are lots of English-taught degrees. English degree program are offered on bachelor’s ,master’s and doctoral levels.

Even though the tuition range might be high generally $10000 to $19000 per year, many universities on this list provides generous scholarship packages to international students. You have more financial independence working part-time and also gives you an opportunity to know Finland.

You can start by choosing the course you wish to apply for researching potential courses and institutions.

Research on entry requirements and deadlines.


Take your entrance examinations and English language proficiency test.
Apply for visa-explained below
Plan your finances
Prepare to travel to Finland

Permanent Residence Permit

You need to be able to get a continuous resident permit in order to get a permanent residence permit. Finland immigration service can only grant you a permanent residence permit in the event you have the reasons to meet the requirements for a continuous residence permit. You can apply for a permanent residence permit online. You must visit a service point of the Finland immigration service to prove your identity after submitting the application.
Honorary Consulate General of Finland

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