Officially Republic of China, in East Asia, it is the world’s most populous country, with a Population of around 1.428 billion in 2017.

Government-Government of China

Form of Government: Unitary State, Socialist State

China is the world’s largest manufacturing economy and export of goods. It is also the world’s fastest -growing consumer market and second -largest importer of goods, as china’s economic importance has grown, so has attention to the structure and health of the economy. The manufacturing mining ,energy, and agricultural industries are china’s largest industries. Major industries include Mining and Ore processing, Iron and steel, Aluminum ,Coal, Machinery, Armaments, Textiles and Apparel, Petroleum, Cement, Chemical, Fertilizers, Food processing, Automobiles and other transportation equipment including Rail cars and locomotives, ships and aircraft, consumer products etc.
china has the world’s second -highest number of billionaires with total wealth of $996 billion, world’s 500 largest companies,129 are head quartered in China. It has the world’s largest foreign -exchange reserves worth $3.1 trillion.

Top Large Cities:

1.Beijing(Peking)-Capital of China
3.Hong Kong(Chinese Xian Gang* )
5.Taipei(Chinese Taipei)

Administrative Divisions:

4 municipalities,23 provinces

International Students:

In 2018 there were 492,185 foreign students from 196 countries and regions studying in 1004 universities and academic institutions in China. In 2016 china was the third largest receiver of international students globally, with 442773 international students by 2018 this number had grown to 492185(10.49% growth from 2017).
The average tuition fees in Chinese public universities range between 2500 and 10000 USD/academic year.
There are plenty of disciplines you can pick from to study in English at Chinese Universities

Here are just of few of the most popular options to consider:

Masters in Computer Science
Masters in General Engineering
Masters in International Business
Masters in Economics
Masters in Language

Top Chinese Universities:

1.Peking University
2.Xi’an Jiao tong – Liverpool University
3.tsinghua university
4.Xiamen University
5.Beijing Institute of Technology
6.Peking University
7.Fudan University
8.Nanjing University
9.University of Science and Technology of China
10.Shanghai Jiao tong University

Language Requirements:

To apply for an English instructed degree, accepted language tests are :

Requested application documents:
Personal ID card
Passport Copy
Photocopy of Valid Visa
Passport Photo
Health Certificate
Police Clearance Certificate
Chinese/English language proficiency certificate
Proof that you can support your studies in China
Academic Transcripts.

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