Belgium is a country in western Europe Officially the kingdom of Belgium is bordered by the Netherlands to the North, Germany to the East, Luxembourg to the South East, France to the Southwest. and the North sea to the North West.

Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Government: Federal Government
Organization :European Union, NATO

Education System

Studying in Belgium is cost effective and getting work visa is also not complex. Part time jobs allowed in Belgium and it is amongst the best education destination in European Union. Belgium has many institute with world class infrastructure and masters program in English. A student is limited to 475 hours of work for a year. In the event you work, the employer needs to pay the normal social contributions for you. A student should know that if you earn more than 10345 Euro you will have to pay taxes on your earnings to the government.

In the event you desire to study in Belgium in English, there is a large number of universities to choose from and many of which are highly reputed top ranked universities and colleges. The largest university in Belgium is Ku Leuven and one of the oldest in Europe and founded 600 years back. It has a striking reputation for research and is ranked in the top 50 universities in the world. Ghent University is younger by far but also well regarded in the world ranking, coming in the top 100 universities. In 11 campuses, international students generally about 10% of the 41000 students. Bachelor programs are taught in Dutch here, but many of the masters and postgraduate courses in English medium. IN the event you select Wallonia, Flanders, or Brussels for your higher education, you will experience a fantastic quality of life with a international standard. As a result Brussels houses the European parliament, it has many international opportunities for post-degree employment and even just networking. The student facilities are outstanding, and the universities are also keen on helping students.

Universities in Belgium

1. Artevelde University of Applied Science
2. Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
4. Howest University College West Flanders
5. Odisee University College

Study medicine

In the event a exchange agreement does not exist between your home university and Ghent university you cannot apply for an admission as exchange student for program of medicine. Prior to you start planning your exchange to Ghent University contact your home university to find out if there is an exchange agreement and what the process is for you to get nominated to go on exchange to Ghent university.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Ghent University Hospital (Campus Heymans)
Dean’s Office
De Pintelaan 185, 3k3
9000 Gent

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