The republic of Austria is a landlocked country in East Central Europe which borders the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Austria covers an area of 83871 km and smaller than Portugal. For winter vacations Austrian Alps are popular among the rich people. However, when talking about studying in Austria, the first thing that it is actually free for students coming from the European Union(EU),the European Economic Area (EEA)and Switzerland. Nearly 8.7 million population ,capital and largest city is Vienna.


Austria is a ideal place for international students. It has very reasonably priced tuition fees when compared to other popular study destinations. The quality of life is very sky-scraping and the country has a low crime rate. In Austria you can enrol in various higher education Institutions like public or private Universities, colleges ,and universities of applied sciences.
Tuition fees at public universities
For EU/EEA students free of charge
For non EU/EEA students 1452 Euro for an academic year.
All students have to pay the student union membership and students accident insurance fees, which cost around 20 Euro for a semester.
No tuition fees from students of developing countries at many public Austrian universities.

List of Universities in Austria

1.Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
2.Graz University of Technology
3.IMC University of Applied Sciences Kermes
4.Johannes Keller University
5.MODUL university Vienna
6.University of Applied Sciences
7.University of Graz
8.University of Innsbruck

List of Free Tuition Universities:

1. University of Klagenfurt
2. Johannes Kepler University Linz
3. FH Joanneum University
of Applied sciences
As a small country, the excellence of Austria’s universities are recognized all over the world. Many of them rank highly in international University ranking ensuring you of a good quality education.
In Austria the cost of living for students is approximately 800 Euros per month which covers accommodation food and personal expenses. Private Universities have different tuition fees, which can cost anywhere between 3000-23000 Euro for a year. Some business program are more expensive, with tuition cost of 35000 Euro for a year. Tuition fees at public universities 1452 Euro for a year.

Study Business Administration /MBA in Austria

Studies are from the medium of English in a German environment ,exposing to a new and exciting setting. You will gain knowledge in German business Etiquette famous for its precision planning and regulation. It is a friendly atmosphere where you can quickly make new contacts and put your knowledge into practice. You will get a great deal of freedom in organizing your study experience.

MBA degree specializations in Austria:

Universities and colleges of Austria have a wide range of sub disciplines from which you can select and they are as follows;

* Business Administration
* Management ,Organization & Leadership
* Finance
* Marketing
* Transport Management
* International Business
Best Business Schools Offering MBA’s in Austria

1.MCI Management Centre Innsbruck
2.University of Salzburg
3.WU(Vienna University of Economics and Business)
4.FH Kirstein Tirol-university of Applied Sciences

Austria has most reasonably priced education in Europe, not need you to pay tuition fees in universities of the government. Austria is a grand place for students. It has very reasonable tuition fees in private universities when compared to other European countries. The quality of life is very far above the ground and the country has a low crime tempo.

Scholarships and funding options for international studies in Austria

In Austria, international students can benefit from various study grants and scholarships. Scholarships offered by the Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education. Many Austrian Universities may give other grants or scholarships.

1.Although people of Austria has a strong work ethic, they value time off with family and friends. Public holidays and festivals held throughout the year.

2.Supermarkets are totally different from other countries supermarkets are your one stop shop for everything.
3. It is better you take a German class as part of your semester credits. You must know little German language.

4. Austria has a population of 8.7 million people.

5. Austrian university system is extremely relaxed with free education and no limit to the length of your degree.

6.It is easy to making friends and face book pages providing other ways to meet people in addition to your university classes.

7.Austria is predominately a catholic country which means all shops close on Sundays.

a) 8.Austria is very cheap to live in. Food and public transport were a little bit price but still cheaper than you expect.

9.Winters and hot summers expect to see a lot of snow if you are in Austria for the winter semester and if you are there for the summer semester it is hot weather.

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